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yorkshire-based michael lee fine cheeses ltd is a specialist wholesaler of artisan gourmet cheeses and associated charcuterie, meat products and chef’s store cupboard ingredients to top delicatessans, gastro pubs, hotels, restaurants, farm shops and butchers in yorkshire and the north of england.

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cheese biscuits:

our cheese biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to our delicious speciality artisan cheeses.

  • Stag assorted cheese biscuits
  • Stag Water Biscuits
  • Stag Cocktail Oatcakes


yorkshire handmade cakes either in a pre-packed portions or in a traybake

callebeaut chocolate:

dark, milk or white, we have a host of heavenly chocolate products for you to enjoy.

  • caletts, dark chocolate
  • caletts, milk chocolate
  • caletts, white chocolate
  • caletts, dark bitter chocolate, 70%
  • chocolate truffle shells, dark chocolate
  • chocolate truffle shells, white chocolate
  • dark chocolate block


continental meats and charcuterie:

delicious italian and spanish continental meats and charcuterie to satisfy the most discerning palette

  • breosola, whole (must be pre-ordered)
  • breosola, sliced (must be pre-ordered)
  • pancetta, whole
  • pancetta, sliced strips
  • pepperoni, sliced
  • proscuitto crudo, sliced (approx.28 slices per pack)
  • proscuitto, boneless, whole
  • salami, milano – whole
  • salami, milano – sliced
  • salami, napoli – whole
  • salami, napoli – sliced
  • sausage, mortadella – sliced
  • sausage links, chorizos – hot or mild the best (2 sizes)
  • sausage sticks, chorizos – hot or mild
  • sausage sticks, yorkshire chorizo 250g
  • serrano ham, grand reserva – whole boneless pre-ordered
  • serrano ham, grand reserve – sliced
  • serrano ham, sliced

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cooking wines:

a range of cooking wines to compliment the creativity of any chef

  • cooking wine, red
  • cooking wine, white

fruit purées:

our fruit purée range is bursting with pure fruit flavours

  • apricot
  • mango
  • passionfruit
  • raspberry
  • strawberry




those perfect store cupboard ingredients – convenient and outstanding quality


  • arborio rice
  • baby apples in syrup
  • baby pears (with stalk)
  • cherries in kirsch (griottines)
  • chestnuts
  • chutneys assorted
  • cous cous
  • ginger, pink - pickled
  • glucose syrup
  • goose fat, tins
  • leaf gelantine
  • lentils du puys
  • paprika, smoked
  • pine kernels
  • pistachio nuts, green and skinless
  • polenta
  • quince jelly
  • saffron filaments
  • vanilla extract
  • vanilla pods ( approx. 30 per packet)
  • yorkshire quince cheese
  • A wide variety of pate's




delicious mustards to add a dash of heat and spice


  • dijon mustard smooth, in glass kilner jar
  • dijon wholegrain mustard, in glass kilner jar



mushrooms and truffles:


choose from our delicious range of exceptional mushrooms and truffles


  • cepes premier choix, dried
  • mixed wild mushrooms, dried
  • whole summer truffles in tins




our oils will add enchanting flavour and texture to the finest dishes


  • extra virgin olive oil
  • hazelnut oil
  • pomace olive oil tin
  • walnut oil
  • white truffle oil




our selection of sapori d’italia marinated olives are chosen for their quality and freshness. italian olives vary considerably in size, shape, oil content and flavour, so we are delighted to be able to offer you a wide range of black and green whole and pitted olives.


  • green pitted olives stuffed with sundried tomatoes
  • italian bosciola olives – marinated large green pitted olives
  • italian kalamata olives – marinated black pitted olives
  • italian Mistoliva olives – marinated mixed black and green pitted olives
  • loose green pitted olives, bagged
  • loose black pitted olives, bagged
  • pitted black italian olives, tinned
  • pitted green italian olives, tinned
  • stuffed green olives with feta



pasta, dried:


the perfect range of pasta for an endless range of dishes


  • linguini pasta
  • penne pasta
  • rigatoni pasta
  • spaghetti pasta
  • tagliatelle pasta



pastry cases and chocolate cups:


invent wickedly indulgent treats with our pastry cases and chocolate cups


  • cocktail ragout cups
  • snobinettes (choc petit fours size cups)





each sapori Italian pesto sauce is made from an old traditional recipe with a tantalising mix of natural ingredients specially selected from the best italian producers.


  • fresh italian basil pesto
  • fresh sicilain tomato pesto





a range of salts to complement and dish


  • maldon flaked sea salt
  • sal rosa (pink salt)
  • smoked maldon sea salt




savour the gems of the seafood world with our lovingly prepared seafood products


  • anchovy fillets, white
  • anchovies in oil
  • anchovies in oil with garlic
  • green olives wrapped in anchovies (banderells)
  • octopus salad in oil
  • premium seafood salad
  • sardines in oil and basil


vegetables, marinated and preserved:

our extensive range of marinated and preserved italian vegetables are free of artificial additives and preservative, providing a natural flavour to enhance any meal. all of our italian vegetables are specially selected from the very best italian producers, guaranteeing the highest quality produce, full of the amazing flavours of the mediterranean.

  • artichoke quarters, marinated
  • aubergines, grilled and marinated
  • capers, mini – in glass kilner jar
  • caperberries
  • ginger, pink – pickled
  • gherkins, pickled
  • mushrooms, mixed and marinated
  • peppers, pequillo – wood roasted
  • peppers, red – roasted in tin
  • peppers, grilled whole and marinated
  • peppers, red – stuffed with feta in oil
  • peppercorns in brine, green madagascan
  • pomorello sun blushed tomatoes, marinated in oil
  • semi-dries tomatoes in oil
  • sundried tomatoes, marinated in oil
  • sundried tomatoes, loose in bag
  • vegetables mixed and marinated (olives, gherkins, tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms)



a range of fine vinegars to enhance the flavour of complementing foods

  • balsamic vinegar, twelve years old
  • balsamic vinegar for reduction ( 2 sizes)
  • balsamic glaze
  • banjul artisan vinegar
  • cider vinegar
  • jerez aged sherry vinegar, the best
  • raspberry vinegar
  • red wine vinegar
  • tarragon vinegar
  • white wine vinegar 


yorkshire provender soup:

retail packs:

  • beetroot, lime, horseradish and ginger
  • ham veg and winter greens
  • pea, spinach and coriande
  • root veg with pearl barley
  • tomato with wensleydale
  • onion and hambleton ale

catering tubs:

  • carrot and butternut
  • potato and leek
  • spiced tomato with cumin
  • root veg with pearl barley
  • provencale veg with beans & paprika
  • superior cream of tomato & basil
  • morrocan chicken
  • veg & chipolata
  • minted pea & ham
  • vegetable soup with lentils and ham


catherines choice chutneys and jams:

these beautifully made very high quality chutneys and jams are available in 40g, 200g and 3kg tubs.


  • apple & chilli chutney
  • apple & cider chutney
  • apricot & ginger
  • beetroot chutney
  • caramelised red onion
  • spiced tomato chutney
  • caramelised carrot chutney
  • sweet pepper relish
  • wholegrain mustard
  • hot chilli mustard
  • honey mustard
  • tarragon mustard
  • picalilli
  • brown sauce
  • tomato ketchup
  • hot sweet chilli sauce
  • apricot & vanilla conserve
  • apricot conserve
  • blackcurrant conserve
  • blackberry & apple conserve
  • blueberry & lime conserve
  • yorkshire rhubarb and ginger conserve
  • cherry-berry conserve
  • gooseberry and elderflower
  • raspberry conserve
  • raspberry and rose conserve
  • strawberry & vanilla conserve
  • strawberry conserve
  • lemon marmalade
  • seville orange & ginger marmalade
  • seville orange marmalade